Father Sebastiaan, Mysteries of Paris author interviews with Peter Greenberg

Greetings all,

On April 26th 2014 I had the honor of being a guest on “The Travel Detective’s” Peter Greenberg’s show radio show broadcast from the Presidential Suite at the legendary Le Bristol Hotel in Paris.  Among guests were Victoria Mather, travel editor for Vanity Fair and Paul Charles, former BBC presenter and aviation expert.

Peter Greenberg is an Emmy award winning travel expert and reporter who has shows on CBS, MSNBC and was the senior travel consultant for Travel Channel from 1995-2009…   His new show The Travel Detective airs  Take a listen to this edition of the show at PeterGreenberg.com.


Courtyard of Le Bristol Hotel Paris
Courtyard of Le Bristol Hotel Paris
Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tour with Peter Greenberg

On the tour with Lisa and Peter Greenberg

Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tour  - Bristol Hotel

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