Mysteries of Paris #15 – Curse of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were knights who protected the pilgrims coming from the coast to Jerusalem during the Crusades. They became very wealthy and powerful, being both militarily strong with fortresses all over Europe, thus became very secure and one of their side businesses was banking. Thus making them the keepers of many of Europe’s fortunes, yet making them a target at the same time. On the Ile-de-Citi, opposite on the island of Notre Dame and under the bridge Pont Neuf is a quite and elegant Square du Vert Galant. Here lies a plaque under the statue of Henry IV which reads “here four fires were lit in 1314 to burn to death Jacques de Molay, Grandemaster of the Knights Templar and three of his master templars.”


Before he was burned at the stake he placed a curse on the King on the Pope that he would meet them in god’s court within one year. The curse came true and the Pope died of na-monia and the King died by falling from his horse in a hunting accident. What lead to the the fall of the Knights Templar? It was in 1312 after the Council of Vienne that King Philip IV “The Fair” pres-sured Pope Innocent to dissolve the Knights Templar order over the templars worshipping some mysterious thing known as Baphomet and for heresy. In truth this was an effort to recover money which were being protected in the Temple of the Templars in Paris.


Jacques de Molay refused to hand over the money minus interest and the king created this plot to recover his funds during his bankrupt rein. After the fall of the Templar Order the entire archive of their his-tory, secrets and business dealings were never recovered. Legend has it that on October 18th 1307, 18 Templar ships full of treasure, books and artifacts left the port of La Rochelle as if they vanished. Legends persist that the templars went into hiding in Scotland or even found the New World and hid their treasure there.

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